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Specialty Structure

Aluminum Guard Rails – 250,000 lineal feet to date Shop drawings for custom deck / guard installations including structural design and certification throughout Western Canada and United States

Aluminum Canopies - Engineering design and product development for various components used in the building of aluminum canopies and sunrooms throughout Canada for leading manufacturers based in the United States and Canada

Specialty Steel (local steel fabricators) - various Steel twin-truss pedestrian footbridge for Surrey Parks; structural steel suspended footbridge for indoor theme park in Krasnodar, Russia; 30-ft span 3D steel truss for indoor dry play slide support in Irvine, California; 65-T lifting device for oil rig in Persian Gulf

Waterpark industry - 40-ft+ tall cantilevering steel monopole columns suspending 500-ft long slide flumes; design to New Zealand Building Code; Steel special CBF 65-ft tall stair tower with portable steel theming structure; design for 140-mph Exposure “B” wind under 2001 Florida Building Code

2002 Winter Olympic Games - Flag-support / Olympic Torch structure for opening and closing ceremonies - temporary structure consisting of system scaffold support for bleachers and stage platforms; system scaffold bolted to RC beams of Rice Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City, UT

Cooper River Bridge, Charleston, SC - Design of custom steel bridge tower internal service elevator structure utilizing modular steel construction with adjustable support legs for vertical curve at tower haunch; design of tube steel space-truss traveler for maintenance of underside of deck

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