About Us

RDJ Structural Designs is a young and energetic firm of dedicated, seasoned and passionate engineers and support staff who care deeply about their role in the teams that make construction projects healthy and successful. The individuals at RDJ Structural have been carefully selected for their characters and their competencies to fit with the other staff for the theme of the company: good teamwork on construction projects. The firm has been in business since 2004 and has a full‐time staff of six persons. Located in West Cloverdale the firm is geographically poised to quickly service projects anywhere in the Lower Mainland. The members of the firm are continually improving their competence by taking on challenging projects and by augmenting their skills through formal study and professional development. In this digital age the advent of the internet and global trading of leading local firms we service have permitted us to work on most of the continents of the world. We are diverse yet excel in the areas in which we practice.

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